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The ecological security

The electric scooter is an ecological, economical, functional and fun vehicle.
This new mode of transport is developing at high speed, whether in the city or in more rural areas. Ideal for long journeys as well as smaller ones, the electric scooter is attracting more and more people.

Les Trottinettes

Included in
your rental

As you can imagine, falls can be painful and sometimes heavy in consequence.

That’s why all our materials come with personal protective equipment.

In addition to the fact that we recommend you wear suitable shoes, it is essential to protect your head and joints.

Wrist guards

These wrist guards will ensure effective protection of the palm and wrist.

An indispensable protection, for less risk, and more pleasure.

Knee pad

The sports knee pad is the equipment needed to provide better knee stability during the practice of a sports activity. It is ideal for a fragile knee or for disciplines considered too extreme compared to the resistance capacity of the kneecap.


Mandatory for a number of practices, the helmet is an essential part of your safety.

Children or adults, it is essential to wear it.

Elbow pads

Elbow pads are designed to protect the elbow joints.

Indeed, the elbow is one of the first critical places during a fall and it is important to preserve it.


Scooter Ninebot Max



Batterie au lithium amovible - 350w - 36v - 6ah

Maximum speed

25 km/h


65 kms

Maximum slope

30 degres


Front and rear suspension